What is a sexual dysfunction? Sexual Dysfunction is considered to exist when one of the stages of sexual activity is hindering or preventing the maintenance of satisfactory sexual relations. These stages are: desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Some of the most frequent Sexual Dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, orgasmic disorder, dyspaurenia and vaginismus.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

The origin and maintenance of these dysfunctions can be physical or psychological. That is why it is essential to carry out the evaluation of the same, taking into account both areas. sexual dysfunction

But why does this usually affect the signs of affection in the couple?

When difficulties appear during sexual intercourse, multiple worries and automatic thoughts are triggered in both members of the couple. An example of this would be the fear of failure, frustration, discomfort or discontent of the other member of the couple by the person suffering from the disorder. Regarding the couple involved, the fear of being part of the problem usually appears, not being sufficiently desired, as well as feelings of frustration, impotence and tiredness in the face of the situation.

In most cases, the sexual relationship is experienced, more and more, as a stressful situation instead of something pleasant, which ends up causing an avoidance of said situation since it is associated with negative emotions. In this way, the affected person begins to suffer from anticipatory anxiety regarding relationships. In addition, it is common that sexual desire is also diminished as the entire sexual sphere is related to an aversive situation.

Effects on the couple

It is at this point that the sexual problem begins to influence the displays of affection and affection, physically distancing oneself from the partner even with regard to kisses, hugs, caresses and other gestures, and even words, that are not directly sexual.

This occurs because the fear appears that the other member interprets it as an invitation to something else... something that could lead to a sexual relationship (which at this point is usually scarce). Therefore, as the sexual difficulty becomes chronic, most affective approaches are also renounced.

Therapy for sexual dysfunction

It will be of special importance in therapy to recover all the important areas in the relationship that may have been affected; daily life, leisure, affection and sexuality. For which communication and support between the two will play a fundamental role along with the consultation to the best sexologist in Delhi.